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Our Mission: To preserve and strengthen families while protecting children from abusive or high risk situations.
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Community Youth Network (CYN) is a non-profit counseling center, which serves children, adolescents, individuals, couples and families. With a focus on families, CYN has developed a variety of specialized programs to serve the needs of the Northern Illinois area.

CYN was originally developed through the efforts of local and state agencies and concerned citizens in 1978. The agency was created to coordinate the services provided by multiple agencies to Lake County families and to fill the gaps identified in the local human service system. CYN has grown over the years and currently provides services to residents of Lake, McHenry, Cook, and Kenosha counties.

Members of the professional staff are trained to provide comprehensive social services to assist individuals and families who are experiencing difficulties in a variety of areas. A multi-disciplinary team of dedicated, licensed psychotherapists, social workers, and counselors are available to provide the highest quality services possible.