Mental Health Awareness Month Sponsorship




Why Sponsor CYN Counseling Center ?

At CYN, our dedication to supporting families and safeguarding children spans nearly five decades. What began as a focus on addressing complex cases of child abuse has evolved into a commitment to providing accessible, high-quality mental health services for all individuals. We prioritize treating everyone with dignity and respect, ensuring they receive the necessary tools and support for growth and success.

Your sponsorship plays a crucial role in maintaining our essential programming, guaranteeing individuals receive assistance at every stage of their mental wellness journey. From crisis intervention to counseling, prevention to education, we meet people where they are, empowering them to thrive. Tackling community issues such as domestic violence, homelessness, and addiction requires collective effort, and your partnership is instrumental in effecting lasting change in our community. We deeply appreciate your support in making a profound impact on the lives of those we serve.

What are your benefits?


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Contact Janet Gow, Director of Development, at [email protected] or 847-548-6000.