CYN News & Press Releases

Therapeutic Mentoring Program

Thanks to a grant from the Federal Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, CYN recently implemented a new Therapeutic Mentoring Program for kids involved in the Lake County juvenile justice system. CYN will match a trained therapeutic mentor with each youth and provide weekly in-home mentoring, family engagement, weekly group mentoring, retreats and equine assisted therapy. The program will help kids turn their lives around and result in improved grades, school attendance, high school graduation and positive relationships and reduce negative outcomes like recidivism in the juvenile justice system, gang involvement, and substance use. In partnership with the Lake County Juvenile Courts/Probation and State’s Attorney’s Office, CYN will change the lives of 120 youth through this initiative.

Pride Social Drop Ins

As part of our commitment to equality, CYN has partnered with the Grayslake Public Library to provide a place where LGBTQ+ teens can hang out with other LGBTQ+ teens and allies.  Join us every month for activities, games, and community.