Welcome to CYN Counseling Center

CYN Counseling Center is a non-profit comprehensive community based counseling center that serves children, adolescents, and adults who are struggling with a variety of mental health issues. CYN offers general and specialized counseling and psychotherapy, case management, crisis intervention, and community education.


Issues that bring individuals or families into CYN include: Anxiety, depression, cutting, behavioral issues, PTSD, trauma, abuse, Domestic Violence, electronic addictions, substance abuse/addictions, marital issues, bullying, relationships, stress, and more.


I came to CYN feeling lost and hopeless. Now I am proud of myself

Over 1,000
people served each year

85% of CYN clients report higher self esteem, better overall functioning, and increased coping skills after therapy.

85% of CYN clients report a decrease in distressing symptoms after therapy.

Thank you to our many old and new friends who joined us for CYN’s 40th Anniversary Gala!