Growing Resilient Teens

Developed in August, 2020, Growing Resilient Teens (GRT) provides programming for youth ages 13-17 is designed to aid in the development of workforce skills and corresponding social-emotional skills. Participants meet for two, 2-hour evening sessions split into two core components: 1 hour of hands-on collaborative activity and 1 hour of group session with a CYN counselor. Counseling sessions focus on the development of five core social and emotional competencies: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

Each season culminates with a celebration of success with milestone activities where participating youth apply and showcase learned skills.

Current curriculum is being hosted at Susanna Farms in Lake Villa.

Students, join us to:

  • Engage in hands-on projects
  • Contribute to team building activities
  • Develop unique job skills
  • Participate in career assessment
  • Enhance interpersonal skills

and so much more!

Interested parties contact Teresa Ramont, Therapist, at 847-548-6000 x017 or [email protected].

Special Thank You to our Program Supporters