Therapeutic Mentoring

Program description…..

Therapeutic Mentoring provides positive relationships for youth involved in the juvenile justice system in Lake County, IL.

Youth are matched with professional mentors who meet with them for 2-3 hours per week for up to 12 months. Mentoring is provided one-on-one and in groups.

The program seeks to assist with problem-solving, coping and self-advocacy skills, positive future orientation, progress on educational and career goals, connection to prosocial peers, family, and community, social support, access to opportunity, structures and resources,  a decrease in mental/behavioral health problems and delinquent attitudes through mentoring services.

Anticipated outcomes….

  • 90% of youth will not reoffend while participating in the mentoring program
  • 66% of youth will show an improved level of functioning in school/work and/or social life after program completion as demonstrated in post test scores

Contact the Therapeutic Mentor Coordinator Office at 847-548-6000 x 022