Nurturing Families

Program Description…..

The philosophy of Nurturing Families emphasizes the importance of raising children/teens in a warm, trusting and caring household. 

This then allows children to develop the capacity to trust, care for and respect themselves as well as others.

Program Results: (determined through pre and post test)

  • Parents will learn how to effectively address problem behaviors
  • Parents will learn how to strengthen their relationship with their children
  • Participants will come away with increased self-awareness, empathy, and feelings of  attachment
  • Participants will come away with increased personal empowerment, self-esteem, and self-concept

Program includes 16, 90 minute group sessions and 7 individual and/or family meetings.  All meetings are held virtually due to COVID until further notice.

Referrals are accepted from DCFS/POS Agencies, self pay clients, and attorneys. NPP services are available in Lake & McHenry Counties and may be available in Spanish & English.

For more information please contact the Program Director at [email protected]