CYN Counseling center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit providing quality mental health support to people of all ages, phases and backgrounds.

Support mental wellness today. 89% of every dollar you give goes straight to our mission to provide and expand access to comprehensive, quality mental health services, while increasing awareness and working to eliminate the stigma of mental health issues. Your contribution enables us to help those in need. Donate today. Thank you for your support!

Suggested Giving Levels

  • $1,000: Provides 14 counseling sessions annually for an individual who may not otherwise have access.
  • $750: Supports 9 weeks of summer therapy for a student at risk of losing it otherwise.
  • $500: Enables 6 weeks of crisis care intervention.
  • $250: Facilitates three trauma counseling sessions for a domestic violence survivor.
  • $150: Covers the cost of one family therapy session.
  • $75: Supplies surge protectors for six homes in our Intact Families program.
  • $50: Provides materials for two parents participating in our Nurturing Families Program.
  • $25: Covers supplies for a Child Art Therapy session.

Your generous contribution ensures vital services reach those in need, fostering mental wellness and resilience in our community.


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Employer Matching Gifts

Double or triple your gift with your company’s matching gift program. Contact your organization’s human resources department or community affairs department for information about matching gifts.

Tribute Gifts
Making a tribute gift is a unique way to acknowledge someone special. Honor or remember a loved one; pay tribute to a friend; or mark a milestone such as a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or retirement. These gifts fit any occasion and help CYN strengthen families for a stronger community. If you would like to recognize someone in this way, please download the form below, fill in the information, and return by mail. You may also call the office at 847-548-6000 and we will assist you with your gift.

Facebook Fundraisers: Donate online for your birthday, anniversary, Giving Tuesday or any other time you’d like to celebrate mental wellness!


You may also donate by mail. Please make your check payable to CYN Counseling Center and send to:

CYN Counseling Center 18640 West Route 120 Grayslake, IL 60030


For more information on partnering with CYN Counseling Center, email [email protected] or call 847-548-6000.