School-Based Services

CYN brings comprehensive individual and group counseling directly into schools to reduce barriers and help kids be more successful in school and life. These services are offered at no cost to families and their children, and care continues over the summer to avoid gaps in support between school sessions, either virtually or at our Grayslake office. Currently, out therapists are placed in a total of 16 elementary, middle and high schools across Lake County.

Most students of any age seek to be heard and recognized in a safe space, and our CYN therapists provide that based on schedules that will not interfere with the student’s curriculum or rely on after-hours constraints to the family.

The most common issues addressed by our in-school therapists include:

– Time Management

– Depression or Anxiety

– Substance use, including nicotine

– Bullying


Additional specialized programs include Alternative to Suspension and Sexting Prevention to cater to unique circumstances, allowing students to miss less school and keep up with their academic workloads while also providing support to family and faculty members for long term success.

Thank you for teaching me that putting myself first isn’t selfish and that I know what I need to do I just needed that push to do it. I am so happy that I met you when I walked into the Student Services office. You have truly changed my life for the better and I could never repay you for it. Thank you for giving me the ability to not be scared to ask for help and to know where to find it. As well as that this is my story and I have to take control of it. I will love you endlessly and I wish you all the best. Thank you again and I will miss you after graduation!


To learn more, contact us at 847-548-6000 or speak to your student’s school counselor.