Ervetta Rogers, MA

Ervetta Rogers was born on the north side of Chicago but raised in the community of Waukegan. Ervetta has attended schools such as Cooke Magnet Elementary, Abbott Accelerated Middle School, and St. Martin De Porres High School. Ervetta then ventured to the west coast to attend college in Arizona and back to Chicago to complete a Master’s program in Conflict and Mediation. As an educated woman in America, Ervetta continues to aspire to learn something new every day. In the field of social work every day tends to be a learning experience. Ervetta’s love for social work is rooted in her experiences as a young child being adopted by her grandmother who instilled love and kindness in her every day. Ervetta has some experience with growing up in a home without both parents and still being able to persevere through daily struggles. Social work is more than just a career or Job for Ervetta and it is her way of giving back while sharing all of the love her grandmother gave to her. Being a Child Welfare Specialist has taught Ervetta so many things about the various walks of life and what great leadership can offer to communities that are struggling. Ervetta has been an Intact Child Welfare Specialist with CYN for 3 years come November 2022. These three years have truly been a roller coaster of greatness all the way from meeting new people to learning about the plethora of resources available for the communities we serve. It’s not every day that you get a real authentic opportunity to make a change in someone’s life and working for CYN has given Ervetta that opportunity that will forever make a difference in her life and it is her hope that it continues to make a difference in the lives of the families she serves.