Our Foundation Partnerships

  • The Healthcare Foundation of Northern Lake County
  • The Carl F Hendrickson Foundation
  • The David and Lisette Eisendrath Foundation
  • The George M. Eisenenberg Foundaton
  • The Gorter Family Foundation
  • The Grace Bersted Foundation
  • The John and Kathleen Schreiber Foundation
  • The Julian Grace Foundation
  • The Phyllis and Henry Cretor Foundation

Our Community Partnerships




Our School Partnerships

 Lake County Schools

  1. Neil Math and Science Academy North Chicago
  2. North Chicago High School
  3. Grayslake Central High School
  4. Grayslake North High School
  5. College of Lake County
  6. Lakes High School
  7. Grant High School
  8. Antioch High School
  9. AUGS – Antioch Upper Grade School
  10. Gavin Middle School
  11. Youth Build North Chicago

Waukegan Schools

  1. Miguel Juarez Middle School
  2. Jack Benny Middle School
  3. Jefferson Middle School
  4. Abbott Middle School
  5. Daniel Webster
  6. High School – Washington Campus
  7. High School – Brookside Campus
  8. AOEC (Alternative School)


CYN collaborates with the Lake County Health Department, OMNI Youth Services, One Hope United, Lake County Court Services (Adult and Juvenile), Rosalind Franklin Behavioral Health Services, local police, area schools, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS,) College of Lake County (CLC), Zacharias Center, Warren Township Youth Services, and more.

Our Connect Program has formed specific collaborative agreements with North Chicago School District, Waukegan School District, Grayslake High Schools, and others.

We also collaborates with A Safe Place, and AAHAA (agencies at the far reaches of the county, to provide services to persons who have transportation barriers to accessing treatment).

We also participates in a number of county initiatives: the YES Coalition, the Lake County Underage Drinking and Drug Prevention Task Force, the Lake County Homeless Coalition, the Lake County Juvenile Justice Council, the Partnership for a Safer Lake County, and the Alliance for Human Services. Some of CYN’s most innovative programs, such as Alternative to Suspension, Sexting, and Connect, all arose from these collaborations.

Finally, CYN has been active in the Lake County Health Department’s various initiatives: The Community Action Plan for Behavioral Health (School Based Services Sub Committee) and the Mental Health Coalition Anti Stigma Campaign.